Personal and Professional Coaching

Ellen's coaching process always includes:

Initial goal-setting discussion.

Assessments. One includes a questionnaire covering personal and lifestyle issues. The other assesses coherence of the body's energy field.

Referral to other experts when they are better suited to the task. Ellen has a wide-ranging network and knowledge of community resources.

Mutual agreement on goals and objectives. Drawing from health coaching, energy healing, and intuitive perception, Ellen collaborates with you to set achievable goals.

It is always a journey without preconceived notions of where the process will take you, yet it has practical outcomes that support and enhance your life and work.

Energy Healing

Energy healing helps transform and manage stress, physical discomforts and emotional issues. Ellen also uses energy healing to show clients without background in meditation or martial arts the experience of being centered.

Ellen pinpoints energy blockages that hinder well-being, clears and balances your energy field to reduce stress, emotional tension and physical discomfort, and provides resources and practices that promote wellness and personal development.

Energy Healing Put to Many Uses

Clients have used energy healing for chronic conditions, stress reduction, sports injuries, relationships issues, job burnout, problem-solving, personal development, pain, weight management, and other concerns.