BodyJoyTM Relaxation CD

By Ellen DiNucci

Savor the rhythm of your breath, the presence of your body on Earth, and the serenity of your mind in the moment as you are guided through a series of relaxation exercises.

BodyJoy clears the mind, releases physical tension, and creates a deeply relaxed yet alert state. Ellen soothes you step-by-step, helping you manage day-to-day stress, drift off to sleep, or re-energize after a hectic day.

Relaxation exercises include:

Bathing in Light  
Shields you against continuous stimuli from your surroundings through imagery.

Enlightening the Body  
Energizes yet relaxes the body and mind through visualizing and physically sensing your energy centers.

Getting Your Feet on the Ground
Decreases mind chatter by generating awareness in the lower body.

Lounging on Water  
Creates a profound state of soothing relaxation through a guided journey of water images and progressive muscle relaxation.

Rhythmic Breathing
Eases tension and lulls you into deep relaxation through the natural rhythm of the breath.


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