Why Ellen?

Understanding traditional and alternative approaches is important

Knows when she doesn't know

Ellen has been a contributing author in several research studies, and was the sole author of a survey article on energy healing that was placed in a peer-reviewed journal. Alternative approaches show great promise, but there is no single best approach to healing, intuition, or being centered. While conveying information via classroom lecture is not a large component of her work, she makes sure to explain where alternative approaches fit in the larger picture.

Connected with a large network of professionals

If she's not the right person, she'll likely get you closer to finding who you need.

Deep experience in medical, corporate and non-profit settings

Almost 20 years bringing alternatives to traditional settings


All of the following were approved for nursing continuing education credits:

Created a patient and self-care curriculum for nurses and other healthcare professionals. It covered patient and self-care mind-body medicine and stress management strategies.

Delivered the curriculum she created by training nurses and other health care professionals.

Planned, emceed and presented at an optimal nutrition conference for nurses and other healthcare providers.

Trained nurses accessing intuition during mid-life transition

Teaches workplace stress management workshops to corporate, government and non-profit staff.

Presented intuition skills at a recent national corporate wellness coordinators conference.

Brainstormed with nurse managers on how to de-stress workplace environments.

Instructed outpatients in mind-body medicine practices for managing chronic conditions and stress.

Trained medical students to use energy healing.