Description of Workshops

Intuition Skills Workshops

Stress Management Workshops

Produce Immediate Results

Most clients get results with 1-4 weeks of weekly classes. Many report ongoing effects, particularly if they practice the skills.

Ellen provides easy ways for newly-trained participants to implement the skills and feel comfortable using them. Participants receive examples of how to modify the skills for particular situations and are given ways to easily remember them.

Workshops cover both classroom and practical components. First, definitions, overviews and related research are provided. Then, first and subsequent sessions focus on skills. Training emphasizes learning by doing with step-by-step instruction.

Specific exercises are assigned in each session to anchor the practices and enhance retention. Materials distributed include an exercise summary sheet, resources and a relaxation CD. Sessions are customized to fit your needs. The facilitator is also available for coaching.

Intuition Skills Workshops

PowerBreaks Meditation

Relaxation: Uses body awareness, imagery and progressive relaxation skills to reduce anxiety and physical tension.

Mindfulness Meditation: Directs mind-focusing practices to create present moment awareness, clear the mind and promote a neutral perspective.

Movement Awareness: Applies subtle and overt movement practices to improve body awareness, mood and ease of movement.

Energy Healing: Implements healing and guided visualization practices to balance the energy field to reduce the effects of stress and provide symptom relief for chronic conditions.

Intuitive Process: Employs imagery, relaxation, body awareness and sensory perception to tap inner wisdom and creativity for professional and personal issues.

Intuition for Productivity & Wellness

Applied intuition is practiced in a variety of arenas including business management, scientific discovery, and creative self-expression. According to a Harvard Business Review article, many successful business executives use intuitive “knowing” in decision making.

Background information is presented on intuition in everyday life, and how to apply these concepts and practices to productivity and wellness. Practices are drawn from mind-body approaches, including remote viewing, energy healing, psychometry and meditation, which use imagery, relaxation, body awareness and sensory perception.

These approaches produce the relaxation response, which reduces anxiety, releases physical tension, and promotes a neutral perspective. Participants leave with ways to apply these practices to everyday issues surrounding professional and personal endeavors and wellness.

Skills are applied to creative problem-solving on professional and personal issues.

Navigating Midlife Passage for Women:
Using Your Wisdom As A Compass

Midlife is a time to step outside the box and re-create who we are. Explore how intuitive practices open you up to your inner wise self and positively affect well-being. Discover cultures where women are empowered by menopause and report less menopausal symptoms.

Relaxation and guided imagery exercises address stress management and intuition development.

Stress Management Workshops

De-Stressing the Workplace

Managers discover new ways to create nurturing work environments that support staff, encourage productivity and healthy behaviors, and reduce burnout and fatigue.

Background information is presented, and activities suggested. Then, the group discusses how supervisors and staff can better take care of themselves, and the tasks at hand.

Stress Less at Work and Home

More than 50% of US adults report high levels of stress in their lives. And, over 60% of patient visits to healthcare professionals are stress-related.

Through this interactive presentation, Ellen discusses stressors and their effects on mind and body and strategies for reducing the negative effects of stress. Mind-body exercises and other coping tips and resources are highlighted. Also included are one or more mind-body relaxation practices, and time for questions and answers.

Relaxation Happy Hour

Savor the rhythm of your breath, the presence of your body on Earth, and the serenity of your mind in the moment as you are guided through a series of relaxation exercises.

Check your head at the door and relax in present moment time, reduce mind chatter, and let go of physical tension. You’ll leave refreshed for your next activity.

Exercises focus on mind-body practices that use movement and body awareness, imagery, breathing, progressive relaxation, and simple meditation technique. Discussion is minimal to keep you in the experience of relaxation.

Mindful Eating: Turning Simple Behavior into Sensory Delight

Many of us are constantly meeting deadlines. We simply have no time to slow down, even for meals. Learn to use mealtime as an opportunity to savor your food while calming your mind and relaxing your body. As a result, you slow down your eating, increase your enjoyment of food, and become more aware of your satiation point.

Energy Healing for Chronic Conditions and Stress

Energy healing modalities such as Reiki and healing touch, rooted in ancient practices, have been used for thousands of years.

Preliminary research on humans and animals at prestigious universities, as well as anecdotal evidence, suggests that energy healing methods may be beneficial in several areas, including pain, mood, stress, wounds, and chronic conditions. Furthermore, numerous US hospitals and clinics offer these therapies to patients.

Energy healing techniques are performed without the need to remove or rearrange clothing. A number of the practices can be effectively adapted for use without direct touch, making these techniques ideal for the workplace. Many techniques are effective for self-directed stress-reduction and potentially enhance productivity at work and home.

The first class provides background information on energy healing and experiential self-care exercises. The second class focuses on practicing the techniques on each other. The last class focuses on distant healing and intention.