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Nurturing Your Body to Enhance Intuition

One thing I’ve discovered about intuition is that in order to be more in touch with it I have to take care of my body. Over the years I’ve discovered a number of principles that work toward building an intuitive body. I call them the four building blocks of intuition or FIRM—Feed, Irrigate, Relax, and Move.

1) Feed has to do with making sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, and that you drink sufficient amounts of water.

Consuming plant-based foods has been shown to support cognitive function and protect against various diseases. Drinking plain water flushes toxins from the body.

I also suggest avoiding or limiting alcohol intake. Alcohol consumption is a risk factor for cancer, plus it dehydrates the body and fuzzes the mind, making it less likely for you to be in touch with your gut instincts. As a substitute for alcohol you can liven up your beverages with sparkling or flat water mixed with a low-sugar juices such as unsweetened cranberry juice or with a freshly squeezed wedge of lemon or lime. It works wonders for me. And, it feels like I’m having a cocktail.

2) Irrigate has to do with clearing your sinuses on a regular basis, preferably daily. I’ve found that when my sinuses are clogged with mucous or allergens that my mind is less crisp and my intuition is more difficult to notice. Yoga tradition includes sinus irrigation as part of preparation for daily meditation.

You can use a bottle with a hinged top, such as the type found in health food stores. Fill the bottle with distilled water, and dose with a touch salt and baking soda. A recipe can be found at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Regular nasal irrigation has been shown to reduce the production of histamines, body chemicals released during an allergic reaction. Daily irrigation with salt water is recommended as a primary treatment for any sinus symptoms and is preferable to the use of antibiotics or corticosteroids, except in the most serious cases.

3) Relax involves letting go of physical tension to help focus the mind in present moment time. Research shows that techniques such as mindfulness meditation relax the body and place the mind more in the here and now. This supports insights about yourself, others, and various situations you find yourself in. When practiced regularly, relaxation and meditation techniques enhance intuition and creativity, and open your mind to the many possibilities in life.

4) Move focuses on physical activity. Exercising on a daily basis, whether it be walking, hitting the gym, running, or hiking increases energy levels, recharges the mind, and produces endorphins that improve mood and foster inspiration. If I’m stuck on a work project, I go for a brisk walk or a short run. When I return, I’m energized with new ideas and ways to deal with the tasks at hand.

To expand your intuition, why not try one or more of the four building blocks of intuition (Feed, Irrigate, Relax, Move) and watch your inner wisdom unfold.

More Information about Feed, Irrigate, Relax and Move

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