Ellen guides you in Mind Body Energy practices to show how centeredness feels.

Teaches Intuition Skills you can apply anywhere.

Ellen's Intuition Skills:

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    Promote emotional & cognitive clarity

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    Enhance decision-making

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    Create a relaxed yet alert state of body and mind

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    Cultivate environments conducive to productivity and wellness

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    Elicit awareness of how intuition is perceived

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    Support creative problem solving


Staying centered -- present and focused -- allows you to better observe your reactions and subtle perceptions under pressure and respond effectively.

Focusing on the present moment produces the relaxation response, which has been shown to reduce stress and cultivate insight. 75% or more of all doctor visits are stress-related.

Developing sensory and body awareness connects you with how your subconscious communicates your innate wisdom to your conscious mind.

Delivered in a variety of formats

Services are provided to clients in a variety of settings through one-on-one sessions and through group workshops. Potential venues include conferences, retreats, workplace wellness programs, and special events.

Widespread Use

Meditation and other mind body energy practices are key intuition enhancers. According to MarketWatch.com, numerous large corporations provide meditation instruction and rooms since research shows that meditation improves problem solving skills and lowers stress.

Furthermore, many successful corporate executives and research and development managers use their intuition to innovate in the workplace, reports Milton Glaser in his March-April 1995 Research Technology Management article “Measuring Intuition.”


Ellen, You knocked the ball right out of the ZOOM Stadium! Your presentation on "Intuition" was a huge success. The students in our San Jose State University "Complementary and Alternative Health Practices" course were so engaged (a rare feat when using ZOOM), and they so appreciated hearing your expertise and experience. I can never thank you enough for your beautiful heart and willingness to spend the evening with us.
    - Caroline Haas, Educator, San Jose, California

My work with Ellen helped me to prioritize my action plans and to use intuitive, creative thought to make better decisions and to grow my firm. I use the skills wherever I go.
    - High Tech Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley, California

Useful tools. I appreciate relaxing and connecting with my inner guidance.
    - University Administrator, San Francisco Bay Area

Ellen was great at getting to the heart of the matter. I felt that she had tuned in right away to the imbalances at hand, both in myself and my cat, Tallulah, while we were both in the midst of a huge transition in our lives. Since the healing, Tallulah has calmed down considerably in her new home and has seemed grateful that someone has given her a voice. I, myself, have calmed down as well, and am having an easier time taking one thing at a time instead of reacting to everything at once. I appreciate the work that Ellen is doing to make people's (and our loving quirky creatures) lives easier!
    - Anne O'Shea, Assistant to the Sales Director, Sounds True, Louisville, CO

The energy work that I did with Ellen helped me to let go of a very difficult emotional issue that I was wrestling with for two years. We even did this work by phone, and it was very effective. Thanks, Ellen."
    - Gina Orlando, Oak Park, IL

My work with Ellen transformed my relationship with my spouse. I am now more empathetic and feel closer to and less judgmental of my wife.
    - Physician, San Francisco Bay Area

Ellen helped me notice the difference between relaxation and muscle tension. Her soothing voice calmed my mind and relaxed my body. I now have greater body awareness.
    - University Administrator

Prior to Reiki my knee swelled after exercise. I had to enter and exit my car using my arms to pull myself out or ease myself in. Getting out of bed required stretching and flexing to prevent pain. After 15 minutes with Ellen, I got up and went on about the rest of my life with no knee pain. None. Zero. No kidding. I started running again, and 4 months later began officiating high school lacrosse games.
    - Ned Dibble, Former All-New England, Football & Lacrosse

Ellen helped my cat Kerry heal her wounded paw. Before Ellen, she limped around putting no weight on her left foot. The day after Ellen worked on her, Kerry bounded around the house on all four paws.
    - Pet Owner, Silicon Valley, California

I highly recommend Ellen's skills in distance healing. In my recent sessions with her, I found her to be precise, highly skilled, very attuned and overall very effective at helping to heal, balance and restore my natural energy. I also appreciated her sincerity, care and highly ethical approach.
    - Arupa Tesolin, Author/Speaker/Trainer, Canada

"Ellen is the unique type of Reiki healer who has both a deep knowledge of Eastern spiritual traditions and alternative therapies yet is also grounded in the hard science of Western medicine. She is compassionate and caring and helped me shift stagnant energies after my mother's death and move forward."
--Joanne F. 
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