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    Individual Sessions

    Individual Sessions provide customized energy clearing services and/or relaxation techniques to clean your body and mind of energetic debris and cognitive clutter for stress relief and boosted well-being.


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    Introduction to Intuition Skills

    Many successful corporate executives and managers use their intuition to innovate in the workplace while complementing it with their acquired knowledge.

    Drawing from principles of meditation, energy clearing, and remote viewing, this training guides you through sensory and body awareness practices to help you experience how your subconscious communicates intuitive perceptions to your conscious self. This allows you to access the innate wisdom of your body and mind for decision making and creative problem solving.

    The first workshop explores background information, applied intuition examples, related research, and intuition awareness practices.

    The second workshop explores additional techniques for applying intuition to enhance critical thinking, executive function, and decision making.

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    Group Sessions

    Group Sessions create a relaxed yet alert state of present moment awareness through guided mind-body and energy clearing practices that support a calm, neutral perspective.

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    Energy Clearing Skills

    Energy clearing modalities based on disciplines such as Reiki and healing touch, are rooted in ancient practices. Preliminary research on humans and animals at prestigious universities, as well as anecdotal evidence, suggests that energy healing methods may be beneficial in several areas, including pain, mood, stress, wounds, and chronic conditions. Furthermore, numerous US hospitals and clinics offer these therapies to patients. Using these techniques as self-care practices has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression and cultivate compassion.

    Drawing from principles of energy healing therapies and bodymind practices, energy clearing techniques improve focus, enhance cognitive and emotional clarity, and create a relaxed and neutral state of body and mind. The first workshop provides background information, applications, research on energy clearing, and experiential self-care exercises.

    Based on the theory of nonlocality, which points to the mind not being confined by time and space and being a potential mechanism in remote healing and prayer, the second workshop focuses on practicing distant clearing techniques on people, other living things, and situations.

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    Mind-Body Foundation Skills

    Mind-body meditative practices and relaxation skills are key intuition enhancers. According to, numerous corporations provide meditation instruction and rooms since research demonstrates that meditation improves problem solving skills and lowers stress. This series of workshops offers background information and a range of practices to help you focus your mind in present moment time, relieve stress, and clear your mind for enhanced decision making.

    Relaxation Skills Workshop: Guides you in body awareness, imagery, diaphragmatic breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation practices to reduce anxiety and physical tension.

    Meditation Skills Workshop: Trains you in mind-focusing practices, such as mindfulness and meditation, to create present moment awareness, clear the mind, and promote a neutral perspective.

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