Tip - Be Here Now

Be Here Now for Optimal Productivity

Tips on Tuning In, Centering, Clearing and Replenishing

Do you ever notice your mind drift away during important meetings? Or, that you loathe doing practical day-to-day steps needed to launch or complete projects?

Inability to stay in present moment time or avoidance of responsibilities may indicate that your first chakra needs nurturing.

The human body has seven major chakras, which are the building blocks of your energy field. They regulate the flow of subtle energy in, out, and throughout your body. Literally meaning “wheels of light,” chakras are also known as energy centers. Chakras and your overall energy field contain and reflect your life experience, including your mood, the types of food you eat, the people you associate with, your beliefs, your emotions, and places you’ve been.

Located near the base of the spine, the first chakra relates to survival, basic instincts, and being centered. Other issues may include safety, practicality, or commitments.

To give you an example, a former client, had difficulty feeling centered, frequently lost belongings, and periodically experienced minor accidents.

However, when he regularly practices grounding exercises, such as one where he focuses on feeling his feet on the ground anywhere from a few minutes to 20 or so, he is better able to safely maneuver physical landscapes, less likely to lose his possessions, and stays focused on practical matters at hand.

Tuning in, centering, clearing, and replenishing your first chakra makes you more aware of present time, which positively affects root chakra issues.

These four first chakra exercises are simple, yet also powerful.

Tune In

Notice the base of your spine and anal sphincter. How do they feel? Are they relaxed or tense? Notice what sensations you experience as you place your awareness here—thoughts, feelings, images in your mind’s eye, or input from your other senses.


Imagine or sense that the base of your spine and feet have extension rods firmly rooting you deep into the Earth. If your awareness drifts, bring it back to feeling your connection to the ground through this rod.


Imagine or sense that the color red is streaming through the base of your spine in a counterclockwise direction, helping you let go of anything you don’t need to hold onto. Feel all tension, whether thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations, gently cascade off this area into the Earth, converting into positive energy that benefits you.


Imagine or sense that the color red is gently spinning clockwise in the base of your spine. Feel it saturate this area. As this red color rotates, it connects you to present moment time giving you the strength you need to feel firmly bridged to the Earth.

It only takes a few minutes each day to apply these exercises. And, as always, you can expand them into a longer meditation. When practiced regularly, they increase awareness of the first chakra and how it relates to daily life and create an anchor for you to be in the here and now.

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